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Innovation Investment $$$

Change the world + help the NZ economy... need some cash?

...how about $50 Million NZD? If you are working on new developments in any of the following areas the NZ Government 2013 Science Investment round could be just the boost you need. The 2013 science investment is focussed on the following four areas:

  • Biological Industries ($38.4M available)
  • High-Value Manufacturing and Services ($7.8M available)
  • Energy and Minerals ($2.3M available)
  • Health and Society ($2.3M available)

Applications for funding are limited to addressing specific questions, with some flexibility where substantial benefit to NZ can be seen. Submissions due 3-4th April depending on the fund applied for.

For more information on the funds, key dates and RFP: 

For comprehensive list of questions and answers: 

For detailed information and research questions to be addressed: 

Posted: Wed 06 Feb 2013