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ACC cover as a Locum Dentist in NZ                              November 2013


If you are a Locum we would recommend that you look at choosing ACC Cover Plus Extra, as you can set the amount of cover you require, rather than going off a previous year's tax return.  The benefit of this is that if you have been in your position a short period of time, you may not have a previous year’s tax return that reflects your current income as a locum.

Be aware that ACC only covers net income, not revenue lost if you are unable to undertake work due to an accident. This means that any expenses you incur will not be covered regardless of weather you are at work or not. For revenue loss cover we would recommend that Locums take out business insurance.

Basic Facts of ACC Cover Plus Extra (CPX):             

Locum must apply for ACC cover plus extra 

Based on agreed level of cover, it's possible to opt for higher or lower levels of compensation 
Non PAYE employees only  No proof of earning required at the time a claim is made 
Must earn above $28,080 or work more than 30 hours a week  Based on 100% of the agreed amount of cover, which can be more than 100% of income 
Cover ranges between $22,464- $92,871 for 2013.  You are paid a full benefit until you fully return to work

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