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We believe that regardless of application (Business Growth, Community Facility Development, Service Delivery or Brand) effective strategy requires timing, team work and a solid understanding of your objectives and the environment you are operating in.

  • Experienced - we have completed a huge range of projects for Businesses, Local Authorities, Funders, Councils, National Bodies, Sporting and Community Organisations throughout NZ.
  • Context Specific - our services are tailored to your requirements and objectives. 
  • Big Picture + Detail - we help you work to achieve your dream, whilst also refining the details to ensure objectives are achievable and financially sustainable. 

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Our team have a huge amount of experience in the business, community and sporting sectors. Find out more below.

How we help...


Business Feasibility

+ New Business Venture Viability Assessment / Planning

+ Development Project or Property Purchase Feasibility 


Business Research

+ New Market Development

+ Customer Research

+ Competitor Analysis

Strategic Plan

Business Strategy

+ Business Strategic Planning

+ Growth Strategy

+ Succession Planning

+ Brand & Marketing Strategy


Sport + Community

+ Community Facility Development Feasibility Study

+ Earthquake Strengthening Options Assessment


Sport + Community 

+ Community-wide Needs Assessment

+ Sustainability Assessments

+ Community Consultation

+ Public Perception Research


Sport + Community 

+ Organisational Strategy

+ Physical Activity Strategy

+ Service Delivery / Engagement Strategy