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Business in Dunedin 2012 Highlights - The expansion story

Speight’s brewery: Stage two of a $29 million expansion of Speight’s brewery is underway, with a new brewing room, sales and office space, and a keg plant relocated from the Canterbury Brewery.   

Cerebos Gregg's Ltd: Recently finished a major redevelopment in its Dunedin factory, installing a new $6 million roaster in its Dunedin factory, doubling its roasting capacity. 

Palmers Mechanical: Investing $2.5 million on new land and plans to build a new workshop to expand its manufacturing business.  

ADI: The development of a new headquarters is underway for Dunedin-based company ADInstruments in Dunedin’s heritage precinct. 

Scott: Scott and Robotic Technologies are currently filling an $11 million contract to provide lamb deboning room automation for the Australian Lamb Company and JBS Australia. 

Escea: Recently signed up a distributor in Norway for the world-first “hybrid fireplace” - part fireplace, part central heater. 

Farra  Engineering: $1m contract for two Building Maintenance Unit's going to Sydney. 

Night ‘n Day Foodstores Ltd: Ranked fourth nationally in the annual Deloitte Fast 50 companies around the country with 952% growth.

Crest Cleaning: Doubled franchises in Dunedin, expanded franchises in India and second on the Deloittes Fast 50 regional list 2012.

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Source: Kea NZ Global Network

Posted: Thu 20 Dec 2012