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Technology Becoming More Influential

Technology Becoming More Influential

Technology is now shaping more than just the analysis of sporting performance. Technological aids for coaches and athletes are becoming common place and are now at the point where they are even being integrated into the equipment we use for sport.

One of the latest developments in this field is the Adidas Smart Ball, developed for soccer players. The ball has undergone 3 years of development and features accelerometers and magnetometers to accurately determine what’s happening when it’s struck – such as the impact location, distance, spin and trajectory.

The ball can be connected to mobile devices via Bluetooth to give coaches more information about their players’ performances. It will also be compatible with existing Adidas miCoach products.

The ball can be set in one of four modes.

  1. Kick It - analyses their strike technique
  2. Get Better - offers real-time feedback during training
  3. Challenge - gets users to complete tasks
  4. Record Book - enables players to save kicks for later analysis

The video above from T3 shows former France captain Zinedine Zidane trialling the Smart Ball. There isn't yet a release date for the Smart Ball, however it is scheduled for some time in 2014.

A business perspective:

With the proliferation of apps and smart devices, the top end technology market is no longer restricted to large, cashed-up organisations. More and more businesses are beginning to view low cost apps as one of their core drivers for new business. In this case Adidas are selling a ball. However, the use of an app enables on-going contact with the customer long after their initial purchase and helps to build brand loyalty, as well as opening up the potential for future service related markets.

Is your business in a position to successfully leverage this trend? 

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Posted: Tue 16 Jul 2013