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Dunedin Resilience Education Centre Moves Ahead

Permaculturalist Jon Foote is set to establish a Resilience Education Centre in Dunedin. 

The ReScape Resilience Education Centre is a brand new development, situated between the Dunedin suburbs of Concord and Corstorphine. The centre’s purpose is to provide education and hands-on learning experiences centred around the three core aspects of resilience; growing food, alternative energy and alternative building techniques.

Spread across 7 acres of a north/south running valley, the ReScape Resilience Education Centre will include a series of food forests, market gardens and timber crops, an education centre, water catchment and workshop areas. Our aim is to showcase the many different methods of food production, including stacking, guilding, Hugelkultur and sheet mulch no-dig beds, also passive water harvesting with swales, ponds and dams, and much more.

Watch Day 1 of his dam building project (3min video above).

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ReScape Resilience Education Centre Taking Shape

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