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Righting the ship - how to save your sport

'Righting the ship' - how to save your sport

‘Righting the ship’ is a saying used in Sport and in Business. Team NZ recently managed to right their ship and come back from potential disaster in race eight of their bid to win the Americas ‘s Cup.

On the other side of the world engineers are working on one of the largest cruise ship salvage efforts ever attempted, in an effort to salvage the Costa Concordia.

At present I am aware that there are number of NZ sporting codes suffering from slow leaks, many of which are getting towards the point of crisis. The issues range from financial and organisational structural leaks, through to membership or player retention leaks.

In order to 'right the ship' you have to quickly identify a new course of direction, gain buy-in and make the necessary corrections. We have helped a number of organisations through this process (most recently wiht the structure for provision of professional swim coaching and water space allocation in Dunedin, with the establishment of the Dunedin Swim Coaching Board).

If your sport could benefit from an outside perspective and some supporting in making the necessary changes, please get in touch

Look forward to hearing from you.

Regards Lindsay

Posted: Wed 18 Sep 2013