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School Review Received Positively

School Sustainability Review Gains Positive Feedback...

An Impact Consulting lead sustainability review has gained positive feedback from the public and the Carisbrook School Board of Trustees, as well as gaining praise from the Ministry of Education for its depth and effective consultation process.

Since school mergers in 2011 a black cloud of potential closure has hung over the Carisbrook Heights site (formally Calton Hill School). The review assessed the long term sustainability potential for the site from a financial, educational and social perspective. 

Ministry of Education

"Every other time this school has been reviewed we have recieved several letters of complaint to the Ministry of Education and the Minister. This time it has been all quiet. People have obviously engaged in the consultation process and felt heard." Ministry of Education project contact

Board of Trustees

"The Board wanted to write and express their appreciation of the consultation work provided to the Carisbrook School Board of Trustees. The Board were extremely impressed with the depth of the information provided as well as your ability to gather information from such a large number of our community.

The Board of Trustees felt that the report provided us with the evidence to move forward and take actions that will hopefully see all areas of our school grow.

We also wanted to acknowledge the timeliness and clarity of the information provided and thank you once again." Sheralyn Weepers, On behalf of Carisbrook School Board of Trustees

The project included:

  • Detailed accounts review and budget projections
  • Stakeholders meetings with the Board of Trustees and Ministry of Education
  • Staff survey
  • Parents, public and site users survey
  • Focus group consultation
  • Background research and community demographic mapping

Posted: Wed 26 Nov 2014