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Driverless Formula E Race Series Planned

Driverless Formula E Race Series

The electric revolution is coming faster than you might have anticipated, 225km/h fast...

Technology Investment company Kinetik has partnered with Formula E to announce the world's first driverless electric car race series Roborace.

If you haven't already caught up, Formula E is a current race series with all drivers using electric cars with a maximum speed of 225km and power output equivalent to 270bhp. The races provide a twist in that fans can influence results via the driver with the biggest following gaining a power increase of 30kw / 40.5bhp. 

Now plans are in motion to launch a new race series in 2016/17 which will see 10 teams (one of which will be crowd sourced) competing with identical cars. The challenge will be to push the limits of driverless technology in a high speed, high stakes environment, with each team developing their own vehicle control algorithms.

Roborace Website

Formula E Website 

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Posted: Mon 14 Dec 2015