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Cashless Payment System

Cashless Payment System

Recently the winner of UCLA Berkeley’s USD 250,000 startup competition, DotDashPay are making it simpler to connect any payment system to your existing hardware. 

"Connect your machines to the future of commerce in minutes. 

DotDashPay’s IoT payments platform takes care of all of the complexities of taking payments, freeing up developers to focus on creating amazing experiences."

Their system includes a coding platform which enables integration with multiple currencies and payment methods including magnetic strips, contactless chips and even cloud based systems such as bitcoin or Paypal. 

Check out their website here: dotdashpay.com

Competitive Advantage Development

Is this a system that could change your industry or enhance your offering? Are there other areas you could push the boundaries in?

If you are looking to gain a competitive advantage in your industry please get in touch with our team, we would love to help your team facilitate strategic and business case planning. 

Posted: Tue 12 Jan 2016