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NZ Home Ownership Statistics

NZ Home Ownership Statistics

Full home ownership is becoming less common is NZ

As we think about the implications of Covid-19, it is worth also taking time to consider what we want the future to look like.

Traditionally we have thought we are winning when house prices go up, but are we really and who is missing out? The reality is that there is are whole segments of NZ society and upcoming generations of Kiwi's for whom home ownership is becoming out of reach. Is this the future we want for ourselves or our kids?

Below are some interesting home ownership statistics broken down by age over a 30-year period from 1988 - 2018. 

NZ home ownership statistics by age 1988 - 2018

Note: data is from NZ Household Economic Surveys and as such is representative sample data. Graph sourced from Sport NZ's "Ensuring the Play, Active Recreation and Sport Sector is Fit for the Future" report June 2020

Posted: Mon 20 Jul 2020