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Amazing new App turns sketches into working Prototypes for New Apps

Make your own App prototype from drawings, no programming necessary

Many businesses could benefit from a custom app that helps customers use their services in more mobile-friendly way, but lack the skills or funds to create their own. Having just reached its funding target on Kickstarter, AppSeed is now enabling anyone to turn their hand-drawn designs into working apps in a couple of clicks.

Developed by Greg Goralski, a professor of Interactive Media at Humber College in Toronto, the system uses templates that mimic a 2D version of a smartphone screen, onto which users can plan out their designs. When they take a photo of their drawing with the AppSeed, the app recognizes the individual elements and enables users to rearrange their sketches using a drag and drop mechanism. Each element can also be prescribed a dynamic function – such as button, drop-down menu, map or text input. The UI and structure can then be tested, shared with others or converted into a layered Adobe Photoshop file for the final design to be added. The video above shows the app in action.

Appseed more info: www.kickstarter.com/projects/appseed/appseed-turn-sketches-into-functioning-prototypes 

Source: www.springwise.com

Posted: Tue 08 Oct 2013