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Disruptive Innovation - Think Different - A Core Value for Apple

Disruptive Innovation - "Think Different"

By Josh Bruce

Disruptive innovation has over recent years been heralded as the new great thing. The paradigm shift that will push companies forward. It is true that breaking the mould of a market gives a much greater chance of innovation success. However it begs the question, "How do some companies continue achieve this profile and success even when only making incremental changes?"  

Apple has for many years have been the poster child of large corporate innovation, but their success and market perception is actually a culture which has been crafted into their brand over many years. The advert below from 1997 (see video) is a prime example of cultural associations that the Apple marketing team have linked not only to their products, but more importantly to their customers and staff.

Along with other associations of creativity and simplicity, 'thinking differently' is now so ingrained in the brand that the tag line is no-longer needed. 

Strategic Planning / Brand Story Development 

If you are looking to enhance your chances of innovation success; if you are looking to challenge the status quo; or implement disruptive innovation in your market - I would suggest taking a look at your brand story and values as an essential part of ensuring the authenticity of your strategic move and it's long-term success. If you would like to explore possibilities via a brand story or strategic planning workshop, please get in touch

Posted: Mon 04 Jan 2016