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Education App "iTunes U" Tops 1 Billion Downloads...
Is 'free' the new price of education?

"iTunes U" has been around as an educational resource sharing tool since its initial trials at Stanford University in 2004. In late February 2013, Apple announced that iTunes U content downloads have now topped the one billion mark. The interesting thing is that a huge number of these downloads are free educational resources and courses.

Free? Have we finally got to point of sharing resources for common good without need for payment, or have companies simply got smarter in how they scale their business, recover costs and make healthy profits?

There is a lot to be said for the 'free' model of business expansion, especially in regard to technology based companies. Google, YouTube, Facebook are some obvious examples of putting customer experience first. Examples of keeping services free and scaling the business model to a point where the connection with a huge number of users, offering numerous opportunities for revenue generation.

One to think about. Could the 'free' model work for your business?

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Posted: Wed 20 Mar 2013