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App to prevent food waste

App to prevent food waste

About half of all of the world’s food goes to waste, but we have seen plenty of companies doing their part to help curb this global issue. In France, a law has even been passed which prevents supermarkets from throwing food away. Now, BuyMeBy wants to automate and digitise the process of discounting expiring items, and upgrade the discount rack for the e-commerce age.

Often, consumers buy foods with later expiration dates to prevent having to throw it away, leaving perfectly good products on the supermarket shelf. BuyMeBy enables supermarkets and grocery stores to offer expiring products at reduced prices to online shoppers as well as those instore. The startup will track expiration dates using inventory-management software, and gradually lower the prices of perishable products.

Could this be applied in NZ or other industries?

Source: Springwise

Posted: Mon 03 Aug 2015