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Everyone is an expert...

I was recently at my doctor and he made the following comment which got me thinking.

"The days of being the expert, writing the prescription, telling people to trust your advice and waving at the door are gone. Today everyone is an expert. Most people self-diagnose themselves via the internet well in advance of coming to see me."

This trend is clear in almost every knowledge based profession. Can businesses continue to assume an uneducated audience? The answer is no. You may be an expert in your field. However, it is no longer your knowledge which is valuable, rather your ability to explain and apply the knowledge.


Opportunities and Trends in Knowledge Based Professions

  1. The internet changes the knowledge game > Giving away knowledge is now an opportunity rather than a risk.
    • Everyone is an expert. Giving away your knowledge is becoming an opportunity rather than a risk. People already have access to most the information they need to make decisions, but they still want the reassurance and security of having someone confirm their conclusions. They want that confirmation to come from someone who knows more than they do.
  2. Many more people know what they want before coming to you > they need to know why.
    • Spend less time selling, more time explaining and putting knowledge into context. They will often know what is needed, but not why or how it fits into the bigger picture. 
  3. Increasingly people want to, and are able to, do things themselves > embrace changes in technology and empower / support them in taking ownership of their challenges.
    • People are looking for practical steps and real world experience. This opens the door to additional opportunities for practical support services.

Posted: Wed 10 Oct 2012