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Recycled bottles become wall tiles

Recycled bottles become wall tiles

A new product release from Brazilian company Rivesti, converts discarded plastic bottles into modern wall tiles for kitchens and bathrooms.

To create the product, the company first purchases a PET resin — broken down from old plastic bottles — from recycling firms, before further purifying and treating the resin in-house with other recycled polymeric materials. After 3 years of research, the result is a high strength tile, with a unique aesthetic finish, available in 33 colours.

According to Rivesti, one ton of recycled PET saves 7.4 cubic meters of landfill space, and saves the emission of 1,241 kg of CO2. The company claims, therefore, that for every 40 m² of Rivesti tiles installed, they avoid 1 cubic meter of the earth being used as a landfill, and save 166 kg of CO2 being released into the atmosphere.

Not content with the tiles’ green credentials, Rivesti also created a unique mounting solution for easier alignment of the tiles on walls, making them up to six times quicker to install than regular mosaic tiles. You can see the new mounting solution in the video above.

Perhaps the most compelling aspect of this innovative mounting solution is the implied recognition that green credentials alone will not be enough to convince the customer. To truly compete, green initiatives must find ways to outperform their non-green competition in a way that is immediately tangible for the consumer.

Source: www.springwise.com

If you have products or ideas which could or do offer a similar environmental advantage, perhaps it is time to also consider leveraging additional benefits. 

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Posted: Fri 13 Jun 2014