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Startup Weekend only a week away

Startup Weekend Only A Week Away - Could this be your opportunity...

With the Dunedin Startup Weekend only a week away, could this be your opportunity to be a part of an innovative, highly scalable business? Find out more...

Startup Weekend Dunedin

A new business venture that has recently come to my attention and is seeking to establish itself overseas is "Tile" (see video above).

"Tile" describes itself as the world's largest lost and found. Essentially it is a small tag which can be attached to any item from wallet or car keys, though to bikes and laptops, in order to help the user find the item via a smart phone app which shows them the proximity and direction of the item they are searching for. The "Tile" can be also triggered to make a sound to help locate lost items.

In addition users can submit lost items to the Tile Network and utilise all Tile users' phones to help locate their lost or stolen items. When located, the app discreetly sends the owner a message with the location of the lost / stolen item.

More about Tile

Posted: Tue 10 Sep 2013