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IRD pay tax online NZ

How to make IRD payments electronically

Making tax payments via online banking:

Paying your tax online can speed up the process and make things a lot simpler.

Easy to follow step-by-step instructions below:

STEP 1. Login to your online Banking.

STEP 2. Find the Section where IRD payments are made:

Bank: Location of IRD payment option:
ASB Bank

ASB Fastnet Business: Payments Option > IRD Payment

Westpac Bank

Westpac Business Online: Payments Tab > Make Tax Payment

BNZ Bank

BNZ Business Online: 
Bill Payment > Make a Tax Payment
BNZ (personal use): Menu > Pay or Transfer > scroll down to IRD and choose the relevant tax payment.

Kiwi Bank

Kiwibank (personal use): Pay & Transfer > Pay Tax

ANZ Bank

ANZ Directlink:
 Batches > Create new > Tax Payment
ANZ (personal use): Pay & Transfer > Pay Tax

STEP 3. Enter Tax Number of the entity you are paying for.

STEP 4. Enter the type of tax.

      • INC for Income Tax,
      • GST for Goods and Services Tax.
    • NOTE: Do not use GAP code as payments are not visible in the IRD system for several weeks.

STEP 5. Enter the period you are paying for.

      • If income tax, the date will be your balance date ie. 31st March 20XX
      • If GST is being paid, then enter the last date for the GST period.