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“The power of being heard is a wonderous thing" - M. Mather

This issue of our local government and community development newsletter is focussed on youth. Our children are the future, so we must focus on them every once in a while.

We will talk about a recent youth-focussed project and one of our consultants, Josh, being overseas in Manila for Rotary NZ. Our success story focusses on the launch of the Youth Fund Dunedin. We outline our next newsletter which will feature asset-based community development. And finally, our inspiration of the month is Irene Mosley, the fundraising campaign Project Manager for the Neurological Foundation Chair in Neurosuregery. Their cause is very important to the South and Impact Consulting & Accounting is proud to support it. 

Enjoy the read!


Lindsay Dey & Team  

 1. Project scoping and Feasibility - Te Hou Ora Otepoti - a decade of service


In our last issue we touched on the need for Feasibility studies as part of the ground work for seeking funds from community providers for significant programmes.

Te Hou Ora is one example where a community organisation was looking to make the best strategic and sustainable use of resources, in particular its building. They engaged us to investigate the potential for redevlopment of this facility so that it may better meet the changing requirements of its users. This involved scoping the project and preparation of a Feasibility study to confirm that the organisation would be able to achieve its objectives.

Due to the changes in building and insurance requirements it also was necessary to review the need for an earthquake and seismic report to identify the fundraising implications and ensure compliance which was subsequently undertaken. 

When the organisation is ready to begin its fundraising it will have ring-fenced its requirements via a best practice commercial model and will be in a position to offer certainty to funding bodies.


 2.Youth Leadership - Rotary Exchange project

One of our team members, Josh, is in the Philippines at the moment (Manila to be exact) for a Group Study Exchange through the Rotary Club of Dunedin South. This exchange is an educational programme of The Rotary Foundation, designed to develop greater professional and leadership skills among young adults so that they can address the needs of their communities and an increasingly global workplace. 

The goal of this trip is to be involved with Rotary clubs and their projects, to pay vocational visits and to experience the culture of the Philippines. The group, which consists of 6 Rotary members, is giving about 5 presentations a week to Rotary clubs.  They are visiting many local Rotary projects to appreciate the successes and challenges presented in another country. This is five weeks of non-stop activity and they will return with a lot of interesting stories and experiences to share. We can't wait!

The team leader, Rosemarie Patterson, writes a weekly blog in The Bulletin, which is a weekly update from The Rotary Club of Dunedin. To read some of their adventures, please click here. The team also tries to upload loads of pictures on a separate website, click here to view it. 

To become involved with Rotary, please find your local Rotary club and sign up. For more information, check out their website.

 3. Success Story



Youth Fund Dunedin Launch

On January 25th of 2012, the Youth Fund Dunedin was launched. Youth Fund Dunedin is an independent organisation aiming to empower youth to make a positive contribution to the Dunedin community, via providing accessible funding for youth driven initiatives and ideas.

The youth fund consists of a governance board and a committee made up of young people and mentors from Dunedin, who will collectively make decisions on funding applications. The grants that the youth fund gives out must be for projects that are youth initiated and youth driven activities with benefits to the Dunedin community

Our very own Josh was involved in launching the youth fund, and provided on a pro-bono basis his considerable skills - designing their website and his other commercial / consultancy skills.

So if you're under 24, live within the Dunedin city boundaries and are enthusiastic and passionate about an idea or a project that will have benefit for others, let the Youth Fund Dunedin know. They anticipate most grants being under $500, but they are willing to consider projects up to $3,000 (for a limited number of projects with sufficient merit). However, if you're application is bigger than $3,000, Youth Fund Dunedin can still help find other funding for your project.

For more information, check out their website or flick them an email.


 4. Something to think about: Asset-based community development

In the next newsletter, we will be discussing asset-based community development (ABCD), which is based on the idea that local assets are the primary building blocks of sustainable community development.

This way, you can build on the skills of local residents, the power of local associations, and the supportive functions of local institutions. Asset-based community development draws upon existing community strengths to build stronger and more sustainable communities for the future.

Linking the sometimes disparate interests together is fundamental to achieving long-term sustainable outcomes.

Feasibility studies (underpinned by community research where required) are inherent in these developments and we are only a phone call away on 03-477-8777 or email us to see if your organisation or project may be at the stage of requiring these to be completed.


 5. Inspirational - Irene Mosley

Last month, we ran a feature about the Neurological Foundation and their Chair in Neurosurgery. We gave a small outline of the foundation and their efforts in raising awareness and money for the Chair. This month; we'll be focussing on their Project Manager: Irene Mosley, with whom we have worked with in the past.

Irene Mosley has been with the Foundation since August 2011, when she was employed as the Campaign Project Manager. Irene had been a member of the Neurological Foundation for some time and has some personal interest in this field, through family members experiences with neurological conditions. In 2003, she found out one of her children had a rare child-hood condition in which a vascular tumour had grown in the cavity behind the nasal passages. This required 3 different, life-saving operations, which were performed in Dunedin, Christchurch and Adelaide. Irene stressed that the research is ultimately what saved her child, as in Adelaide they had developed new techniques to deal with this condition. This ensured the best outcome and a normal fulfilling life for her child.   

The goal of the fundraising is to ensure that  there will be three full time neurosurgeons based in Dunedin, and access to the specialist skills of a total of 6 neurosurgeons in the South Island. Not only will the Dunedin neurosurgeons perform surgery, they will also teach at the University and spend time undertaking research. This new development will  be beneficial to the public both in the advancement of  research and ensuring we retain a strong neurosurgical unit in the South. The joint research and teaching roles of both the Senior Lecturer and the Professor make these positions very appealing to neurosurgeons around the world, who are attracted to Dunedin.

While urgent surgery represents a small percentage of what a neurosurgeon deals with, it is a very important part of the role when time is a crucial factor. It is on these occasions that having a neurosurgical team nearby will make the difference between life and death. This translates to people in the South having a better chance of survival, with a team on hand in Dunedin 24/7...

By contributing to the Neurological Foundation, you are helping secure neurosurgery services in the South, supporting research into neuroscience and improving the outcomes for those with debilitating illnesses, traumas and diseases of the brain and nervous system. This is something that we feel everyone can be a part of at any level. Who wouldn't want to be? Click here for more information or click here to donate now. 

To read more personal stories, from those supporting the campaign, click here.

And, do you still have an envelope sitting at home? If so, use it now to donate to the Neurological Foundation. 

If you've already donated towards the foundation, a big thank you. If not, here are some examples of alternative ways to contibute. 

Kind Regards

Lindsay Dey & Team


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