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Accounting for Investors & Property Professionals

Building long term success takes planning.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is critical that investment properties are well structured in relation to accounting and ownership,
in order to ensure clarity of purpose and avoid any future confusion as to their status or tax implications.

We are the chosen trusted advisors for a number of property professionals.
These include real estate agents, property developers, builders, project managers and property valuers, as well as private investors.
Whether you have a single rental, none at all (yet), or you are an experienced property developer and want good advice to grow  your portfolio we can help...


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Xero for Tradies

Xero For Tradies 2min Video

"The biggest motivating factor for people is not having to do their paper work after-hours. Not having to be in the office at night, after-hours, when you are not getting paid for it. 

This technology allows you to get it all done while you are out there on the road. 

The end result of that is time to spend with your family and friends."