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Strategic Planning

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If you are looking to grow your business or simply ensure its long term sustainability, strategic planning is an essential exercise. 

It is a process which gives you time out of the business to work on the business and gain a bigger picture vision for where you are heading.

Our experienced team have a number tools to make this process more value and productive for your business. 

  • Facilitated Strategic Planning Days 
  • Mentoring 
  • Strategic planning workshops
  • Competitive advantage development

Community and Sporting Organisations

We have successfully assisted Local Authorities, community groups and sports clubs throughout the South Island with planning and strategy development projects. Our team can help your organisation achieve your objectives.

We assist with:

  • Strategic planning
  • Community consultation and research
  • Implementation strategy development
  • Recreation planning
  • Physical activity strategies
  • Facility reviews and rationalisation
  • Funding assessments and strategy development

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