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Is your www. brand secure?

Domain name

Quick 6-Point Summary

  1. .nz domain names are now available

  2. // // and other subdomains may eventually become redudent

  3. Preferential Registration or Reservation available until 30th March 2015

  4. After 30th March others will be able to purchase your shortened domain name

  5. If you have had your website for less than 2 years then others may already be able to purchase your shortened domain name

  6. Registration of your shorter .nz domain name is recommended (usually around $20 per annum)

The Changes 

Recently there have been some important changes for New Zealand domain names (or website addresses). We believe it is important that you are aware of these as the changes may effect your future brand security. 

From the 30th September 2014, "second level" domains like the .co in "" or the .org in "" became optional. You can now register website domain names with or without these elements.

This means that eventually most websites will move to using the shorter .nz domain names.

How could my brand at risk?

If you have had your website for more than 2 years:

  • You will most likely have PPR status (Preferential Registration or Reservation). To check the status of your domain visit  
  • This means that from now until the 30th March 2015 you will preferential right to purchase your shortened domain name.
  • After the 30th March 2015 others may purchase and use your shortened domain name. 

If you have had your website for less than 2 years:

  • Then your shortened domain name may already be availalable for purchase by others. To check the status of your domain visit 

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Looking for a competitive edge?

If you are...

  • Struggling to standout; 
  • Worried your email or newsletter efforts are going to waste or simply being ignored;
  • Wanting a competive edge... 

Then get in touch with us. We have a range of cost effective newletter tools and services.

Professional design can transform information, into value.

Communicate better, offer greater value, sell more. 

Web Design

Time for a website overhaul...

If your website is looking a bit dated or is not helping you bring in much needed revenue, then perhaps it is time for an overhaul.

We have an in-house graphic / webdesigner who specialises in creating professionally designed, effective websites, which you can update yourself once established.

Costs vary based on projects scope and requirements. A rough indication is given below.

Free Scoping Meeting

If you would like to book an 100% obligation free meeting with our webdesigner please feel free to email josh or contact us on (03) 477 8777. 

Website design options

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