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 Corporate Social Responsibility

Here at Impact Consulting and Accounting Ltd, we take both the environment and our community involvement very seriously. We try to conduct our business with regard to all of our environmental and social responsibilities

We are very aware of global warming and the effects of it, and we try and do our part to help the environment. We are in the process of becoming paperless, by using digital scanning for all of our files. The paper we use to print on has been approved by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and has been manufactured in an environmentally responsible manner. We try and recycle all of our paper, cardboards and cartridges.

Our staff are very involved with the community and every staff member tries to help the community in some way. Josh has been a volunteer youth worker for over 10 years and now does pro bono work for selected community organisations. Mike is a treasurer for the local Parkinsonism Society and he is an Otago representative for Indoor Bowls. Lindsay is incredibly involved in Rotary, he is a business mentor and he served as Chairman of Sport Otago for 6 years. He also promotes healthy lifestyle activities via his significant contribution to endurance sports.

Impact also gives opportunities to young graduates or students to gain practical experience by doing an internship at Impact. We have had students from Denmark, Iceland, The Netherlands, Germany, Canada, UK, India and the Czech-Republic.